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About Us

         Over the years, the My Sunshine Tutoring center has grown to become regarded as a small boutique school. This is because we try and emulate, as much as possible, the process that takes place in the classroom. What sets us apart from the public school classroom is that we provide individualized, one on one attention to the students. We believe that a major disconnect lies between the student and teacher in a classroom of 30-40 kids. Our classes are structured for a one on one environment so that we can bridge the gap that has been created by the disconnect inside the classroom. This means we make sure the student gets the opportunity to break down and analyze all the information so that they can productively learn the material at their pace. We also have group classes of up to no more than four kids. We consider these small group classes as we have found that some kids work better in a group setting.   


          We administer tests once a month to make sure the students are keeping up at their own pace. These tests are custom to every student. Another thing that makes us special is that we provide detailed feedback to the parent or guardian after every single class. In our communications with you, the parent, or guardian, we make sure to get a proper analysis of how the student is doing in the classwork. This relationship allows for us to appropriately adjust our curriculum which compliments the public school curriculum as much as possible. Of course, if your student is in a private school - we can work with that curriculum as well. Simply put, we have high standards and high expectations. And we are open year-round - so if you are interested, we highly recommend you sign up for our summer classes! We invite you to see what all the rave reviews are all about!

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Our Team

Farida has a strong background in education, beginning with her studies. She has been teaching for more than 20 years, using methods that have PROVEN to deliver results. 

Omar R. Jackson

His students have gone on to see grades improved at least 50%, and even more, once they applied themselves and implemented the actions,

Tatyana Shestakova

Tatyana is a teacher who loves teaching and educates children to love learning.

Ari Barkan

Ari is a graduate of Brooklyn College where he earning a bachelors degree in political science with a minor in philosophy.

Olga is an NYC substitute teacher with the NYC Board of Education and has been working at My Sunshine Tutoring Center for some time now, teaching Math and ELA.

Henry Johnstone

Henry is a math and reading tutor with five years of experience working in schools.

Murad Mamasaliev

Murad Mamasaliev is a former professional chess player, master of chess and a licensed FIDE Instructor.

Sara Mossad

Sara Mossad is a math and ELA tutor at My Sunshine. She believes that one-on-one tutoring is the best way to learn due to the ability to understand what the child needs and how to help them achieve their individual goals. 

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