We offer a variety of General Education classes for all ages to help your children prepare for any challenge or difficulty they experience in school.

    Nursery School (2.5 – 3 years old)
We focus on developing speech, motor skills, and focus in preparation for the Pre-K curriculum. We will work on a variety of arts and crafts projects that focus on teaching colors, shapes, and numbers. By the end of the
semester students will be introduced to the Pre-K curriculum.

    Pre-School (3 – 4 years old)
We will help your child develop basic writing, math, and vocabulary skills in preparation for Kindergarten. Classes will involve activities aimed at learning the alphabet, basic phonics, and basic reading and writing. Your child will also work on tracing and coloring, learning numbers, colors, and shapes, developing vocabulary, basic counting and addition, visual processing, and more. 

    Kindergarten (4 – 5 years old)
Children will develop and surpass the skills necessary to successfully enter the first grade. We will focus on advanced Kindergarten level reading, spelling, math, writing, and test preparation through a variety of hands-on activities. There is also a focus on developing proper motor skills and an introduction to the
first grade curriculum.