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Tess Russels

We used Sunshine for help with SHSAT preparation. Omar and Ari were wonderful with our son. They provided extremely personalized attention for him and appropriate for his skill-level homework. Our son got an offer from his #1 choice in SHSAT high schools. We are thrilled with the preparation help he received from Sunshine. Thanks so much!
Update: we also used Sunshine for our 6th grader to study for the Hunter exam in early 2023, and our second son got in! Omar and Ari gave him just the right coaching and feedback, thank you!


Irina Furmanskaya


"My son (4 1/2 years old) has been with Farida at My Sunshine Tutoring Center since August 2013, attending classes twice a week. I regard Farida not only as a very professional, ethical, intelligent and a highly experienced teacher, but also as a very understanding, kind and an extremely caring person. Farida’s unique combination of educational and professional backgrounds has enabled her to find the key to each individual child, making sure that all the classes are conducted in a very efficient and productive manner, and more importantly, each child is satisfied and happy, has the desire to prepare for each class, to come back to each class and to demonstrate the required engagement and performance during each class. In short, I give my highest recommendation and review to Farida at My Sunshine Tutoring Center! I am very glad and blessed that my son is part of it! It is really hard these days to find a place with such loving, responsible, sensitive and caring teacher, such as Farida, who understands and realizes every individual child’s needs and provides these little individuals with a very solid social and educational foundation that will benefit them in their first big step of entering the big and somewhat scary world of Kindergarten and Elementary School!

I recommend my sunshine tutoring center, headed by Farida. We’ve been with them for two years based on a friend’s recommendation, and we had in-home tutoring and went to their center on the UES. Farida, the owner, is great as is her team. Our teacher is Kate, and she’s been amazing with our daughter from the age of an older toddler to a school-aged kid. Our daughter listens, does the work happily, and is thoughtful when doing her work and is comfortable and able to defend her work choices – all because of Kate and her tireless work with her. When we started, my daughter would shrug her shoulders when we asked her what she thought the process was. So we are very grateful for Kate and Farida’s commitment to our daughter, enabling her to excel beyond what we thought possible."




Anna Shamis Rakhmanchik reviewed My Sunshine Tutoring Center — 5 star

April 15 at 7:26 am ·


"I wanted to say a special thank you to Farida and Kateryna at My Sunshine Tutoring for working with our 4-year-old daughter in preparing her so well and thorough for the 2016 Gifted and Talented test. All the hard work had paid off. We found out yesterday that she received 99 on both parts of exam giving her an overall score of 99 !!! We are so proud of our munchkin!!"


Nadia NadiOs

reviewed My Sunshine Tutoring Center — 5 star

April 14 at 4:41 pm ·


"Excellent service and the best teachers! We are very impressed with our daughter’s progress. Her G&T result is proof that Farida and her teachers are amazing."



Irina Furmanskaya 

April 10 at 7:15 pm ·


"Thank you, Farida Yahyaeva and My Sunshine Tutoring Center, for all your hard work with our kids!!! We had an amazing presentation this Saturday, and we are already looking forward to many more!!! I am so thankful and proud of being a part of your school! Sasha is truly happy, and so am I!!!

My child has been attending My Sunshine Tutoring since he was two years old. He is now 4 1/2. Our experience has been nothing but absolutely positive. Every Monday and Wednesday my child wakes up excitedly saying — “Are we going to Farida today?” (Farida is the name of the teacher). Farida is an amazing teacher — she knows how to access young children in a way that most teachers (and parents) do not. The students always behave in her class, answer all of her questions; she just has a way with them that I have never seen before. We are very satisfied customers and recommend Farida whole-heartedly."



Tatiana Markel


"My 4-year-old son has been with My Sunshine Tutoring Center for eight months now. I have seen tremendous improvement and continue to see progress in his studies with every single session. Before we started with My Sunshine, I never thought my child would be able to use such logical explanations to problem solve and advance so quickly in phonics. Farida has been extremely helpful in easing the anxiety of my son taking the Gifted & Talented test. She takes the time to fully explain everything to him, giving him the confidence that he needs to excel. I highly recommend My Sunshine Tutoring Center!!"


Diana Katsnelson


"We’ve been taking classes with you for a few years now.  My daughter seems to enjoy it, and I love the progress. Thanks to you she learned how to read and write and with each class develops more confidence. She likes the competition and dictation tests. We love Farida’s approach, and we will continue to attend these classes as long as possible. Thanks for everything!"

Natalia Harisson


"Спасибо Вам большое за хорошую подготовку и время, которое Вы посвятили подготовке Николь.

Николь сказала, что она на несколько вопросов неправильно ответила:). Вопросы были заданы из зеленой книги.

В апреле узнаем результаты:)))

Как только получу, я Вам сообщу.



Katerina and Gunter F.


“Farida is a great teacher. Our children have been studying with her, and they have gained acceptance to Horace Mann, one of the top schools in NY. Farida’s guidance and teaching helped them get there." 


Elena B. 


“My son Alexey has been taking an early development class in Russian and English languages with Farida since he was 2.5 years old. He is almost four now and already started to read and write in both languages! He also developed some problem solving and early math skills that are not taught in his Preschool. Farida has an effective teaching technique and an amazing talent to keep a group of toddlers focused and interested in a subject.” 


Julia K. 


“Farida is a wonderful teacher. My daughter learned so much from studying with her. She is 4.5 and is already starting to read in both languages, Russian and English.” 


Samuel A.


“My son Nicolas is attending Farida Yahyaeva’s classes, where he is taking Russian, since September 2008. During this time, Nicolas acquired a good knowledge of the Russian language, became creative and an independent thinker, with strong work ethics. Farida is very affectionate towards children. It took Nicolas only a very shot time to feel comfortable in his new environment. We strongly believe that in these useful classes, he gets to acquire a whole range of knowledge. He loves all the activities, the teacher and his peers and looks forward to going back to his classes. At the end of every school day, he can share his new skills with us, which enriches his life as well as ours. He is now able to comment on the day’s activities, how the children interacted with one another, and present us with a craft or art project he completed with the teacher and his friends. It is interesting to see how he colors and draws with a precision tor too common in a child his age. I attribute this to the school homework and the successful composition of its curriculum. Nicolas admires his teacher, and likes the children in his class, the toys, games, and art projects, to name a few. He made new friends in school and cared deeply about them.”


Dmitry K.and Yelena L.


“Ms. Yahyaeva has been tutoring our daughter since August of 2008. She was highly recommended by our friends, whose daughter she has been tutoring for the past two years. Ms. Yahyaeva is teaching our daughter to count, read, and logic skills. She has made very significant progress since they started, her vocabulary has expanded, she learned colors and to count to 10. Ms. Yahyaeva has been able to make her focus on the task and made an hour-long class very productive. She is reliable, hardworking, and trustworthy."


Jane G.


“I give the highest praise and endorsement to Ms. Farida Yahyaeva. I have known Ms. Yahyaeva for over two years, as a friend and as a teacher of my daughter. I know her as a person of utmost honesty and integrity. She is extremely well educated, hard-working, driven, and accomplished. She is also a very talented teacher of young children, able to instill complete trust and comfort necessary for children of that age to learn well. “


Anna B.


“I have had the pleasure of overseeing Farida’s work as a Russian Language and Math teacher at the Shorefront Y. She took an active role in creating curriculum, assisting other teachers and reaching out to parents. She is also a mentor to many of our younger staff and takes a leading role in developing their skills. She advises parents on best approaches to dealing with educational issues that face their children. Based on the work that Farida performs I can certainly state that she is a passionate educator and an inspiring mentor.”


Gene U.


“We have employed Ms. Farida Yahyaeva as a private educator for our four-year-old son, Robert, for almost a year now. She has done an outstanding job, and is an integral part of Robert’s development. Under Ms. Yahyaeva’s guidance, Robert studies logic, math, and develops reading skills. She has tremendous expertise in managing children, but what is more important is that she can keep my child interested in the learning process. Classes with Farida are Robert’s favorite activity. As a doctor, I deal with children of all ages in my practice and have some expertise on the subject. Ms. Yahyaeva is nothing less than pedagogically gifted.”


Sergey and Tatiana S.


“We have known Farida since the summer of 2007 when she started tutoring our then five-year-old son in reading and writing (Russian) and math. Our friends who also used her as a tutor recommended her to us. Farida has established very good rapport with our son; he has been making excellent progress. We know Farida as a trustworthy, reliable and hardworking person who loves her job. We have recommended Farida to several of our friends.”

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