Tatyana Shestakova

    Tatyana is a teacher who loves teaching and educates children to love learning. Before her over 30 years of experience in education, Tatyana started her teaching career in Russia, as a primary school teacher where she was also a Russian language teacher for 23 years. After leaving Russia, Tatyana continued her love for teaching as she has continued teaching in  the US for the past eight years. With this large experience,  Tatyana understands how to “teach children to love learning” with unique methods especially while teaching individuals and group classes the Russian language. Tatyana creates lessons that give the children the opportunity to go “back in time” as she teaches history, culture, and traditions of Russia. Her classes are designed to teach students to read and write in Russian. Also, teaching her student’s to increase their Russian vocabulary which will provide her students' skills to communicate in Russian. Tatyana's classes are dynamic and interesting. Tatyana customs her “levels” on teaching based on age and knowledge of student when teaching the Russian language.