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Our Programs

Over the years, the My Sunshine Tutoring center has grown to become regarded as actually a small boutique school.

Private Classes

Our classes are structured for a one on one environment so that we can bridge the gap that has been created by the disconnect inside the classroom.


We at My Sunshine LOVE Chess! We believe that chess encourages your child to think inventively and see connections at his or her own pace to enrich overall learning and development.


Interested in one of our classes? Not sure what level your child sits at? The beauty of our program is that we always welcome parents to have their children assessed.


Ahh, math! You either love it or you hate it. But let us assure you that the math tutors at the My Sunshine Tutoring Center LOVE math.

Russian Language

These classes help engage your child in a high level of Russian speech, writing, and reading comprehension. Assignments will encourage students to express their uniqueness in Russian.

We offer a variety of General Education classes for all ages to help your children prepare for any challenge or difficulty they experience in school.

Arts & Crafts

We all know that toddlers and preschoolers LOVE doing arts and crafts. You will be amazed at how much they can do once you start introducing them to things such as crayons and markers.

Test Preparation Classes

One of the things that The My Sunshine Tutoring Center prides itself on is its stellar test preparation classes. We offer detailed preparation for the ELA, SHSAT, AND SAT classes.

Mommy & Me

We have a highly well-reviewed “Mommy and Me” class; one that has been regarded as one of the best in the tri-state area.

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