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Test Preparation Classes

City and State Test Prep (any age)

One of the things that The My Sunshine Tutoring Center prides itself on is its stellar test preparation classes. We offer detailed preparation for the ELA, SHSAT, AND SAT classes.

With preparation for the ELA, we focus on past versions of the exam and break them down to an analytical point. For the state math test, we help break down and analytically explain to our students the problems at hand. When it comes to the ELA. we break down each reading to help the student better understand the topic at hand. Since as of late writing is no longer a requirement of the test, we take our time to teach the student how to understand the bigger picture at hand. When it comes to the SHSAT and the SAT, we take an even more detailed approach to math, grammar, and writing. We cover each element of the math, grammar, and English language arts sections of the SHSAT, and we also go into very fine details of the SAT. Our goal is to make sure our students are fully prepared and comfortable with the material before they take the test. The tutors work hard to make sure that no stone is left unturned and that the students are as fully prepared as they can be. 

SHSAT, SAT, Hunter exam preparation

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