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   Math / Singapore Math (4 and up)

Everything around us can be better with mathematics. Math can help children make sense of and think about the many aspects of their world through its connections to them. When we see and help our children look at those links, we enrich their overall learning and development.

   Young children show an impressive ability to think inventively. Encouraging your child to think mathematically at his own pace, rather than “rushing” him or teaching him how to solve a problem, is an excellent way to meet his need for creative intellectual activity.

Math is a subject that everyone uses at all ages. In childhood, when a child doesn’t even know what numbers are, he or she still uses them. For example, they can count how many presents they got on their birthday and how much more they could have gotten if more people came over, or they could be asked to share their apples or other goodies evenly, which would require them to use division. After children learn what numbers are, they can perform more tasks. During our classes, we play different types of games that require answers to math questions in a short period. (This makes it necessary for children to do calculations without using their fingers).

   Singapore math incorporates a three-step approach: concrete, pictorial, and abstract thinking through hands-on activities and modeling that later lead to abstract ideas.