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Michael Zatoulovski

Michael is our tutor for everything Science. Whether it is high school level Chemistry or teaching elementary school children the wonders of anatomy and physiology. There is no one better to help and shape them than our medical student. A graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Brooklyn College, Michael is currently finishing his second year of medical school and has already made several notable contributions in the fields of childhood autism, Neurology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, and Chemistry. His passion for his 7 years of tutoring comes from his goal of making science fun and understandable for students of all ages. Stating that “it is definitely difficult, but everyone should have an opportunity to have a nurturing environment to explore what Science has to offer.” With that mission Michael has successfully helped elementary students want to become future doctors, middle school and high school students ace their regent exams, and college students do well in their courses and MCAT exams. When he is not constantly learning you can find him traveling the world, playing tennis, or skiing down the slopes.

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